We are proud to share that we have another new project for Staar Surgical.

Kluger Architects has been selected to design Staar Surgical’s new corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, CA.

For many years we have been designing Staar Surgical laboratories and various other projects in conjunction with CSA Construction. The Staar Surgical Company creates, develops, produces, and sells implanted eye lenses and related delivery systems. The lenses are designed to provide patients visual independence, reducing or doing away with the need for glasses or contact lenses.

The new location will be in a 2-story existing office building encompassing approximately 36,291 SF. The project will include beautiful new facilities consisting of a boardroom, an experience center, training center with the latest I.T. and employee amenities which will create a unique work environment for its employees.

Design Team:
Architect: Kluger Architects, Inc.
Contractor: CSA Construction

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