St. Kilian Parish Hall

Project Description

The project entailed placing a new 2 story building within an existing building without enlarging the exterior footprint or exceeding the existing adjoining buildings height limitations. The new beautifully appointed 1st floor Parish Hall is one component of the recently completed project along with the renovation and enlargement of the existing kitchen which will now be capable of serving thousands of Parishioners and visitors during the Parish’s well-known “Fish Fry” event held during lent.

The previous hall was demolished and replaced with a new 2 story structural infrastructure to meet current seismic codes. A new second floor was added over the new hall which previously was an unused roof area. The second floor will house a new multi-purpose meeting room with its own storage and kitchenette. A unique challenge was the requirement for the existing attached Parish Center and its offices to be occupied and in use throughout construction activities. This required the design to include delicate operational and logistical measures to ensure a safe operating environment while “surgical” construction activities were in process.

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