We had the incredible opportunity to completely renovate O’Malley Hall, transforming it into a vibrant parish hall. This revitalized space now hosts weekly gatherings for food service, community service, social and recreational activities, meet-ups, festive feasts, dance sessions, and school plays. The renovated hall not only fosters connections but also supports a variety of enriching activities that bring the community closer together.

Additionally, we were honored to renovate the existing St. Rita Cascia Catholic Parish sanctuary where weekly mass services are held. Our renovation process included restoring parts of the interior of the sanctuary’s architectural beauty, offering a space where the community can come together in faith and fellowship.

Lastly, we revamped the exterior of Gara Hall, creating an inviting space for classes, fun and fellowship, game nights, leadership development, prayer, worship, and more. It was an honor for Kluger Architects to be part of these projects, knowing that they will serve as spaces where community can come together, celebrate, and support one another.

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