We’re excited to announce Luis Iniestra‘s promotion to the role of Job Captain at Kluger Architects!

Since joining us in 2015 as an intern, Luis has been an invaluable member of our team, consistently showcasing his expertise and dedication across a wide range of projects, from healthcare to educational facilities. His commitment and passion for his work is evident in the enthusiasm and humor he brings to every project, always going above and beyond to achieve excellence. His dedication to his work is fueled by his deep passion to providing the best product to our clients, which drives him to constantly innovate and improve in his abilities.

Beyond his professional contributions, Luis’ commitment to community outreach, such as mentoring students at his old High School and volunteering at his Parish St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church, underscores his dedication to both excellence in his work and making a positive impact. Luis’ passion for serving others shines through, as he spends his weekends organizing meetings and events for his adult fellowship and helping with his church’s youth catechism program.

Luis will play a vital role as a team leader in architectural production work and in his day-to-day responsibilities on various projects. His knowledge in designs, 3D models, renderings, and animations has made him an integral part of bringing client’s imagination into a digital reality.

We have no doubt that Luis will continue to excel in his new position and continue to learn and contribute significantly to our team and the projects we undertake.

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