Gio has been an integral part of our family since joining us in the summer of 2012 as an intern. Throughout the years, Gio has immersed himself in all facets of the architectural profession, from clerical duties to drafting to material selection and to architectural designs. His responsibilities have comprised of supporting project teams, assisting with the designs and drafting schematic design, interior and exterior design. Furthermore, preparing presentations and obtaining permits from city agencies.

In this new role, Giovanni will take on additional responsibilities, including leading design drafting and development of architectural projects for both private and public spaces. Additionally, he will be responsible for bidding and construction administration. The role requires an ability to wear many hats, which is why Gio is perfect for this new position!

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Gio as part of our team, and we’re confident that his talent, dedication, and leadership will continue to drive our success as we embark on new and exciting projects together!

We look forward to celebrating his 12th anniversary with Kluger Architects next month!

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