STAAR Surgical Headquarters

Project Description

Over the years, Kluger Architects has designed several tenant improvement projects for STAAR Surgical, gradually transforming the spaces into a more modern and efficient work environment in multiple locations. This project entails a new STAAR Surgical New Headquarters. The Headquarters are within a two-story building spanning 35,250 square feet.

The new headquarters area includes offices, break rooms, open office space for more effective teamwork, a small gym with a shower, a series of collaboration rooms for team projects and meetings, and Experience Center Lecture and Experience Practice rooms for lectures, training sessions, and hands-on experimentation. Additionally, the area features a reception area, conference rooms, larger board rooms, executive offices, and an open event area for gatherings. Our team is currently designing STAAR Surgical employees’ commercial kitchen. Our objective is to enhance functionality and create a comprehensive workspace for the STAAR Surgical team.

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