St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church

Project Description

Positioned directly on axis to the main road leading to the site, this Catholic Church was designed to be inspirational to all who may visit. This one thousand seat church is specifically designed to meet the growing needs of an ethnically diverse parish. Warm colors and materials grace the interior of the church and are used to accent certain areas; such as using marble as the platform and altar. These materials complement the various liturgical items that are placed on the raised platform. A semi-private sacristy carries the same theme at a smaller scale to allow for private adoration. The simple shapes and subtle color changes on the interior and exterior accentuate the architectural shapes and mass. The sweeping gracefulness of the high wood interior ceiling transitions into light wells over the altar, and at other key areas, to allow natural light to become part of the celebration. The large exterior custom concrete plaza becomes a gathering place before and after services. The plaza pattern radiates from the center of the main entry doors. This radiating patter complements the twelve concrete columns standing at the entry.

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