Beach House Oxnard, CA

The Beach House is a complete remodel of an existing early eighties home in an advanced state of deterioration from water, salt, and termites. The house was stripped down to the structural members so that a new home can arise with significant changes to the existing interior layouts and exterior appearance. A weekend home located directly on the beach, it has multi-million dollar views and the owners wanted a home to reflect that.

A thoroughly modern design transformed this dated building into a home where every item is considered and accommodated. Features include 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths, 3 half-baths, rooftop spa and shower, full exterior kitchen, 3 fireplaces, dual glazed windows, and the highest level of finishes and appliances. Our intent was to create a home that was not simply aesthetically pleasing, but one durable enough to withstand the elements for many years to come.

Features such as stainless steel structural members, PVC stucco components that will not rust, triple ‘Kynar’ finishes on aluminum components such as window mullions and panels, single ply rubber roof underlayment’s, and other corrosion resistant materials have been specified. It will be technically advanced with all systems integrated to be operated remotely by computer, or cell phone.

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