Marina Del Rey Hospital

Project Description

Kluger Architects and P2S Engineering have been hired by Cedars Sinai to provide Design, Working Drawings for OSHPD Permitting and Construction Administration to upgrade their Operating Room HVAC system for OR’s 1-4.

Upgrades include modification to Chilled Water Piping Installation, New Dew Point Sensors and Diverting valves in order to provide a constant temperature and humidification levels required by Mechanical Code. A Custom Engineered Solution due to the complexities of the relative Humid Ocean Atmosphere.

Kitchen Improvement
We will also be assisting them with replacing outdated Kitchen Equipment, will provide Plans, Construction Documents and Specifications. We will be coordinating with the County of Los Angeles Public Health/Environmental Health Department to arrange inspections dates and obtain Certification and Licensing.

Lab Feasibility Study
We will be working with the Mechanical/Engineering firm P2S Engineering to research, investigate and prepare an HVAC report to improve the Hospital’s Laboratory cooling system.

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