Long Beach Retail Facades

Project Description

The Renovation of 5 buildings was entrusted to Kluger Architects by the City of Long Beach at the intersection of Atlantic and Burnett Street.
We worked closely with Long Beach Development Services – Neighborhood Services Bureau and property owners in providing a unique and inexpensive design approved by both parties. These designs needed to be unique, therefore our proposals were creative and budget friendly solutions to the existing facades. Renovation of five separate Type V facades will take place at the junction of Atlantic Avenue and Burnett Street. As part of the facade renovation agreement, Kluger Architects was commissioned to conduct a building survey of existing buildings, an ADA survey of general conditions of access to the primary entrances from the parking lot and public way, review of existing accessible parking configuration and signage, review entrance at doors including landings, hardware and thresholds, obtain approvals from required agencies for construction permits, and will be conducting visits to sites during construction, processing payments, RFI’s and submittals, punch walks, and substantial completion forms.

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