Our recent visit to the Interior Removal Specialist (IRS Demo) facility was an enlightening experience for our team. Witnessing the innovative repurposing and re-use process at their facility further strengthened our dedication to continuous education and professional development for our staff.

We gained valuable insights into how the IRS demolition team plays a vital role in the fossil fuel reduction standard for new buildings and major renovations in the architectural process. They are a leader in the foundation for us to reimagine spaces innovatively, resulting in items that can be saved and repurposed, reused, and donated to charitable groups that make valuable impacts on others’ lives daily.

This collaboration has earned them recognition from some of the top governmental agencies, corporations, and charitable agencies throughout California and the continental United States.

We are thrilled about the potential future collaborations and the opportunity for future projects. Kudos to IRS Demo for the great work they do as they continue to have a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Behalf of the Kluger Architects team, we thank you Carlos Herrera, CEO of IRS Demo for the invite and in-depth insight visit at the facility.

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