2020 Fall Positions For Consideration

Kluger Architects – Los Angeles is seeking qualified candidates for the following positions for Fall 2020:​​

Position A: ​

Motivated and hard working INTERNS pre -graduate and post – graduates are also always welcome to apply for intern positions. Interns perform a wide variety of task and functions integral to the success of the firm . If you are motivated, well spoken, ambitious and are willing to work on a wide variety of task please feel free to apply.

​​Please send resumes to Charles Kluger, AIA at the following email:  Ckluger@klugerarchitects.com

Contact Information

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any questions or requests for information. Please do not hesitate to contact us as listed below:

Kluger Architects, Inc.

Corporate Headquarters
560 N Western Ave., 2nd Floor,Los Angeles, Ca. 90004

phone (562) 498-2400
email: Ckluger@klugerarchitects.com